Massage to relieve respiratory issues

This massage is a combination of relaxation and deep tissue work. The goal of this treatment is to create more freedom to the rib cage and facilitate breathing. Whether it's for asthma other lungs disease or only if you want to increase your breathing amplitude, this massage will help to be more conscious of your respiration. 


Relaxation massage

Taking a break of daily hassels is always good. Sometimes our muscles don`t need specific work, only some good light kneading or stronger depending on your preferences. It's important to learn to relax and give our spirit  permission to let go...



Deep tissue massage

Focus on muscular discomforts and pain, this massage is progressive and more interactive. If needed, we can use positioning and stretching technics to release deep muscle tissues.




 Scalp massage

Add this to your massage, or on it's own for a short relaxing experience. Help yourself escape with this 10 or 30 minute treatment.



Prenatal massage

Because pregnancy can strain the body, taking time to have a massage will relieve back pain, heavy legs and swelling. The massage will also improve your sleep, decrease headaches and stress that come with the pregnancy. Take the time to get a massage, is taking time for yourself!

(12 weeks and more)